Faco Water Heater Product, Elux S
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Product Description

Comes with shower head on a flexi-hose with gentle or invigorating pulsation sprays. It has intelligent temperature setting controls and high-tech control panels. This model has unobtrusive safety features, an ELCB feature and indicator lights all for a very reasonable price.

Technical Specification:

Voltage : 220V – 240V. single phase. 50/60 Hz
Wattage :  2000 watts – 8000 watts
Pressure : 3psi           
Flow Rate : Min : 2.0 l/min
Water Tank : Pure copper material to withstand high pressure
Pipes : 1/2 “BSP
Heating Element : Made of special alloy to withstand hard and salty water.
Thermostat : Anti-scalding device to protect over heating.
  • Power Light – to denote Power On/Off function
  • Temperature Control Knob – to preset water temperature
  • Stabiliser light- to indicate that stable water pressure has been activated

Safety Mark Certification, Solar Water Heater Certification cert3 cert2 cert1

This product has all the standard certifications