FACO Hot Summer X3

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The Four Seasons hot shower water heater provides hot showers for cold days and cold showers for hot days. The X series water heaters are ideal for urban bathrooms as they are sleek and compact. They have splash-proof casings which protects against water ingress and leak-proof heater tanks built from solid welded copper material that is able to withstand high temperatures and pressure. The built-in booster pump provides an invigorating and revitalising shower at all times. The safety features ensure anti-scalding and that with even the slightest leakage as low as 10mA, electrical power will be shut off.

Technical Specification:

Voltage : 220V – 240V
Power :  Available 2.0KW to 8.0KW
Frequency : 50Hz – 60Hz
Water Pressure : Min 21.0 kPa Max 350 kPa (Model X1, X1M, X2, X3, X3M, X4)
Water Pressure : Min 25.0 kPa Max 550 kPa (Model X5, X6)
Net Weight : (X3 = 1.79kg) (X3M = 1.82kg) (X4 = 1.75kg)
Box Dimensions: 427mm X 265mm X 173mm
Product Dimensions: 386mm X 248mm X 90mm
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • Built-in Electronic ELCB
  • Double Safety Thermal Cut-out
  • Built-in Pressure Relief Valve
  • Filter with Flow Regulator
  • Flow Sensor Switch
  • LED Light
  • FACO HOT SUMMER X3M Model with Built-in Electro-Mechanical ELCB
  • FACO HOT SUMMER X4 Model without Built-in ELCB

Safety Mark Certification, Solar Water Heater Certification cert3 cert2 cert1

This product has all the standard certifications.