Since its inception, FACO Electric Company has been fully committed to producing superior water heaters and accessories to suit individual needs.

Regional as well as worldwide loyalty to our well-designed products of impeccable quality attests to FACO’s leading position in the water heater market. Strong focus on employing the most advanced technology to assemble only the best state-of-the-art, intelligent and durable materials in cover designs of high aesthetic and functional value, has further confirmed FACO’s share of the pie.

Continuing R&D and stringent quality checks ensure years of trouble-free usage for every FACO water heater that leaves the factory. Relevant certificates are awarded by approving authorities in the respective countries to meet safety standards. Factory warranties vary from country to country but rest assured that each unit is covered on parts and service.

Popular models Faco Elex, Faco Elux Series and Faco VI are specifically fitted with features and functions such as ELCB, MPS (Multi-Point System), LED-lites and E-pum (booster pump), auto cut off safety and energy conservation sensors.

FACO’s list of satisfied users include holiday resorts and clubs, residents living in both high-rise and low-rise geographical areas such as condominiums, high-rise apartments, landed properties and hilltops.


What is Electronic Instantaneous Water Heater?

In simple terms, an efficient and practical wonder that delivers bathwater that is heated to your desired temperature at the touch of a button. Besides, it is compact enough to be mounted, conveniently, on your bathroom wall. Auto cut-off for overheating deems it safe and easy to operate, for young and old alike. 

Is it Economical to operate?

Without a doubt. Unlike using storage heaters or boiling kettles of water (which involves much time, effort, quantity and electricity), you only turn on the tap and switch on the electrical power the precise moment you need your shower. Savings galore! Save Water. Save Energy. Save Time.

What is Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB)?

It is an Inbuilt safety device that electronically senses any electrical current leakage.

What is Multi-Point System (MPS)?

The alternative to the hot water storage system without the bulk and hassle of installation. Imagine the savings and practical usage when connected to the wash basin, long bath and shower point, all from one point.

What is an Electric Storage Water Heater?

The electric storage water heater comes in water tanks with a larger capacity of 15 litres to 50 litres, or more. It is suitable for either single or multi-point applications and bulk use.

What is a Solar Water Heater?

A water heater that relies on the sun’s energy to power it. Typically installed on rooftops to harness nature’s gift to us at a mere fraction of the cost. “Thermosyphoning” is a principle that involves the action of cold water falling and pushing hot water up. Radiation is absorbed by light sensitive panels to heat up water pipes positioned on top of it, promising heated water throughout the year. Besides being Eco-Friendly, it is virtually maintenance-free and cost-effective.

What is a Booster Pump?

Water pressure is the force that causes water to flow through the water pipes. Low water pressure is the common occurrence in high-rise buildings, during peak-hour usage and on high ground. When your shower becomes a trickle, a booster pump is the answer. It is a mechanism that increases water pressure to the desired level when it falters.