FACO Booster Pump

FACO Booster Pump

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Living in high-rise apartments or residential houses on high ground give rise to low water pressure problems. With the FACO booster pump, low water pressure is a thing of the past. It helps to provide low water pressure areas like high grounds with swift, powerful and constant flow to ensure that activities such as bathing to dishwashing will not be affected.

Technical Specification:

Electrical Rating : 120W, 220V – 240V. 50/60 Hz
Minimum Water Pressure : 
Auto Mode : 0.14 bar (2psi)
Manual Mode : 0.034 bar (0.5psi)
Dimension (mm) : 224 x 169 x 88
Weight (kg) : 1.70
Minimum Head (metre) : 0.10
Maximum Head (metre) : 15.0
  • Compact size
  • Point-to-point water pressure pump
  • Designed for hot water heaters, long baths, dishwashers, laundry washing machine, retractable garden hoses, high ground application with low water pressure
  • Easy installation

This product has all the standard certifications