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Top of the FACO model premium range incorporating fuzzy logic system with built-in micro-processing sensor. Fully digital with pulse width modulation (PWM) control. No EMI and with zero-crossing design. Elux 3.3e model  comes with an ELCB feature. The Faco Elux 3.3e is perfect for bathrooms or wash rooms. Easy to operate, water temperature is accurately adjusted at the twist of a knob. An ELCB trip is conveniently solved by resetting another knob. All these state-of-the-art features are found on a stylish control panel complete with indicator lights that show the heater’s performance.  Stringent factory-tested to withstand years of usage. Developed through more than ten years of R&D, only innovative, advanced technology is poured into every Faco Elux model.

Technical Specification:

Voltage : 220V – 240V AC
Wattage :  2000 watts – 8000 watts
Pressure : Min : 3psi           
Flow Rate : Min : 2.0 l/min
Water Tank : Pure copper material to withstand high pressure
Pipes : 1/2 “BSP
Heating Element : Made of special alloy to withstand hard and salty water.
Thermostat : Anti-scalding device to protect over heating.
  • Highly Sensitive Microprocessor Sensors (HSMS)
  • LED Lights
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Auto thermal cut-out feature
  • Reset knob (for ECB trip)

Safety Mark Certification, Solar Water Heater Certification cert3 cert2 cert1

This product has all the standard certifications