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The Faco Elux 3 is modelled after its users. Only those who lead quality, challenging and active lifestyles seek the Faco Elux3. Exclusive and irresistibly priced. It is so sleek and compact that it fits snugly into any bathroom. The Faco Elux 3 features the ECO-system, (Electronic Conservation Operation) which works wonderfully even at low water pressures -0.21 kg/cm sq (3psi). It gives you instant hot water at a constant temperature you desire, saving TIME and WATER. Another advantage of the ECO-system is the built-in “thermal” cut-out device which prevents over heating automatically, saving ENERGY. The Elux 3 is stringently tested for quality, durability and reliability, ensuring years of trouble-free and maintenance-free use!

Technical Specification:

Voltage : 240V 
Wattage :  3300 watts
Pressure : Min : 3psi            Max: 100 psi
Flow Rate : Min : 2.0 l/min
Water Tank : Pure copper material to withstand high pressure
Pipes : 1/2 “BSP
Heating Element : Made of special alloy to withstand hard and salty water.
Thermostat : Anti-scalding device to protect over heating.
  • ECO-system (Electronic Conservation System)
  • Energy, cost, water saving
  • Thermal cut-out device (ACO)
  • Faco QAR

Safety Mark Certification, Solar Water Heater Certification cert3 cert2 cert1

This product has all the standard certifications