Model F 511

Model F 511

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Available in two models, FACO hand dryers are reliable, sturdy, low-cost usage and maintenance is not needed. With temperature-controlled safety cut-out, there is no risk of over-heating. The automatic On/Off function is able to dry hands swiftly and comfortably. Helps to reduce the use of paper towels that will cause bins to over flow and look messy while reducing the risk of infection associated with the use of recycled cotton towels.

Technical Specification:

Electrical Rating : 120W, 220V – 240V. 50/60 Hz
Minimum Water Pressure : 
Auto Mode : 0.14 bar (2psi)
Manual Mode : 0.034 bar (0.5psi)
Dimension (mm) : 224 x 169 x 88
Weight (kg) : 1.70
Minimum Head (metre) : 0.10
Maximum Head (metre) : 15.0
  • Shockproof plastic cover (non-flammable & splash proof)
  • Electronic infra-red proximity switch (switching on & off automatically)
  • 100W motor, 1300W heating element
  • Air temperature 32degree C
  • Noise level 765dbA

This product has all the standard certifications.